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Online Bathrooms Top 7 Products

Online BathroomsOnline bathrooms is a website where you can find every kind of product for building and remodeling bathrooms. It is owned by Dale St Warehouse Ltd in the UK and was started 5 years ago as a way for them to broaden their customer base and product distribution reach.

They advertise highly discounted bathroom products, and online bathrooms are the largest online retailer of bathroom products in the UK. Another big benefit of buying your bathroom products through their website is the fact that most items come with next day delivery shipping, another significant savings for customers.

If you are interested in learning what other people are buying at online bathrooms in order to get some great bathroom remodeling ideas, here is a list of their 7 most popular and bestselling products.

Anico White Vanity Unit

The number one best selling item at online bathrooms is the white vanity set by Anico. This all-in-one vanity and sink set comes pre-assembled. The vanity portion of the set has built in shelves and has been made from solid MDF.

RAK Series 4 Piece Bathroom Suite

4 piece Online BathroomsThis bathroom suite comes with a toilet base and wrap over seat, a sink and basin pedestal. The toilet itself has the modern and trendy square shaped back and bowl. Online bathrooms gives a discount for buying all 4 pieces together as a bathroom suite so not only do you save on each item, you’ll also get this discount on top of that.

RAK Metropolitan 4 Piece Bathroom Suite

This 4-piece bathroom set is made by RAK Ceramics, touted as the largest ceramic sanitary ware manufacturer in the world. It also comes with the toilet bowl, cistern and seat as well as a matching sink and pedestal in white glossy ceramic.

Barmby Bath Tub

The fourth bestselling product from online bathrooms is a 1700 x 700 bathtub. Barmby is a well-known manufacturer of high-end, luxury bath products and collections. This particular bathtub includes a set of legs, but does not include taps or tap holes.

Niko Asselby Bath Tub

The Asselby best selling bathtub measures slightly bigger than the Barmby listed above at 1700 x 750, but it is also almost double the price. This bathtub is manufactured by Niko and is also considered a luxury bath product. It is double ended and online bathrooms include the front panel and the leg set with purchase.

Compact Toilet Pan and Seated Cistern

Online  Bathrooms Compact Toilet Pan and Seated CisternWhen you purchase this toilet, you get the benefit of next day delivery. This bathroom toilet comes with the bowl, cistern and seat. Unlike the other toilet in the online bathrooms top 7 bestsellers list, this one has a traditional oblong shape if you prefer a traditional looking bathroom.

Opess Shower Enclosure Bathroom Suite

This stand-up shower set includes the shower, toilet bowl and cistern as well as the toilet seat, sink and sink pedestal, and finally the facets for the sink. The standard quadrant size is 800 x 800, but for a small upgrade fee, online bathrooms also offer it in the 900 x 900 size.

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